Who We Are

The Alabama State Data Center (ASDC) was formed in 1978 as a partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau and the State of Alabama to empower data users throughout the state with understandable, accurate, and timely information.

The main emphasis of the ASDC is disseminating information and data produced by the Census Bureau to state and local governments and the data users within our community. The Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) is the lead data center for ASDC and coordinates the affiliate data centers throughout the state. To support the data dissemination mission, you can reach out to CBER staff or the regional ASDC affiliates with data requests, and we’ll answer questions, help you find and access data, or connect you with the Census Bureau for free. As the lead agency, CBER also pulls some relevant demographic data and houses it on our Alabama Demographics webpage for easy access.

ASDC Webinars

For more information and to register for the free webinar, follow the link below:

Out of its Cage: The Power of Analyzing and Visualizing PUMAs | Friday, April 1 from 1:30-3:30 PM | The Alabama State Data Center will be hosting a free Census webinar covering the basics of Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) and Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS). These powerful datasets allow researchers to create their own estimates using data from the American Community Survey, the nation’s most current, reliable, and accessible data source for critical planning topics such as age, veteran status, commuting, education, income, and employment. Patrick Kelly, Research Officer at the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, will provide an overview of PUMAs and walk attendees through accessing and analyzing PUMS data. Register by clicking above or visiting the Eventbrite page.

ASDC Conferences

To view the agenda and presentations from previous conferences, follow the links below:

Fall 2022 – November 9, 2022 Topics include Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS), Data.Census.Gov, Microdata Access Tool (MDAT), Urban and Rural Classification and Criteria, and Geographic Partnership Updates. Email Susannah Robichaux at scrobichaux@cba.ua.edu for recordings of these sessions.

Fall 2021 – October 8, 2021 Topics include Data.Census.Gov, Pulse Survey Overview, Count Question Resolution, and the Economic Census. Email Susannah Robichaux at scrobichaux@cba.ua.edu for recordings of these sessions.

Spring 2021 – May 20, 2021 Topics include 2020 Census Recap & U.S. Census Thank You Campaign, Overview to New Changes to the Census Data Website, 2020 Geography Updates for Alabama, and Economic and Business Surveys. Only presentation slides are available from this conference.