Welcome to the Alabama Business Confidence Index™ (ABCI). The ABCI measures economic expectations for the upcoming quarter gathered from a broad group of business executives across the state. With six key indicators and a composite index, panelists can take the pulse of the state’s economy as well as compare their own forecasts to those of their peers.

Take the 3rd Quarter 2024 Survey, open June 1-17.

If you are already registered as a panelist, click the “Current Panelists” button to take the current quarter’s survey.

If you have not registered as a panelist before, click the “New Panelists” button to register to become an ABCI panelist. When the quarterly survey is open, those questions will be available as part of the registration survey. This survey is designed to be taken by people in a leadership position at a local business. The most common titles are President, Owner, CFO, CEO, and Vice-President, but anyone in a leadership position is qualified to participate.

2nd Quarter 2024 ABCI: 54.1

Index above 50 indicates expansionary outlook.
Index below 50 indicates contractionary outlook.